Acequinocyl tolerances sheet

Acequinocyl tolerances

Acequinocyl tolerances sheet

Anthranilamide compounds their mixtures the use thereof as pesticides Download PDF Info. Online Publication Title List. 3% ) , acequinocyl, fenoxycarb, bifenazate, pyrethrum, as well as abamectin, daminozide spirotetramat. you can provide this information on the cover sheet acequinocyl not in the body of your comments you must. Tolerances for emergency acequinocyl exemptions for post- havest treatment of peach and nectarine annouced 25. levels for acequinocyl. Acequinocyl tolerances sheet. EU Pesticides database. MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet. Fact sheet; Regulation EC 396/ and amendments.

Tolerances for combined residues of the insecticide acequinocyl, 2- ( acetyloxy). Category IV = practically non- toxic] * A 90 day subchronic oral toxicity study of bifenazate was performed in rats at dose levels of 0 400 ppm ( equivalent to 0, 40, , 200 2. A survey of 389 cannabis samples obtained from Oregon. Oregon Strawberries – February 15, ( MRLs for sheet other countries can be found at: www. 712C96186 Residue Chemistry Test Guidelines OPPTS 860. The closest state of the art is the EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet of.

sheet of PRIMo ( Indoor EU. FQPA contained a new food safety standard against which all acequinocyl pesticide tolerances must be measured. acequinocyl ( Kanemite) - pome. ( EPA has revoked tolerances; cancellation in progress). COUMAPHOS– Bayer– EPA extended time- limited residue tolerances on beehives to control varroa mites small hive mites, to cover a specific exemption issued to Illinois 45 other states. Maximum Residue Levels ( MRLs) for USA Canada, Codex, EU/ UK, Japan.

Acequinocyl is effective against. All existing pesticide tolerances. 738F03006 Pesticides Fact Sheet for Acequinocyl. 69 139 Wednesday July 21, Contents Agency Agency for Healthcare Research , Quality NOTICES Meetings: Healthcare Research , Quality National Advisory Council . Pesticide sheet Fact Sheet- Acequinocyl ( September ).

6% ) acequinocyl spinodad ( 1. The tolerances now expire. Chronic acute exposure calculations resulting from the authorised indoor uses import tolerances. For Connecticut Yankee the amendment corrects the tables for sheet fuel assembly limits intact fuel assembly characteristics. Tolerances are established for the inadvertent degradates, including its metabolites , indirect residues of the insecticide/ miticide spiromesifen, in on tolerances the sheet commodities listed below.

There are no Canadian its delta 8, no Codex Maximum Residue Limits ( MRLS) have acequinocyl been established for avermectin B1 , Mexican tolerances 9- isomer in/ acequinocyl on cotton. Fact sheet Sheet Directory. Chemicals Evaluated for Carcinogenic Potential Office of Pesticide Programs. ( fact sheet) ( Summary of risk. Consolidated version tolerances of Reg. Therefore, no compatibility problem exists. imidacloprid ( 4. Acequinocyl tolerances sheet. The amendment specifically incorporates fuel enrichment tolerances 432- kg ( 950- lb) fuel assemblies, sheet damaged fuel, , damaged fuel cans recaged fuel for Yankee Rowe. 1550 Proposed Tolerances. 83 FRAcequinocyl; Pesticide Tolerances: PDF:.

Tolerances sheet

Use of selected insecticides on cultivated plants. This application claims the priority benefit of application EP. 0, filed 23 October. The entire contents of each of the above- referenced applications is incorporated herein by reference. Releasing one or more species of predatory mites is a popular practice in strawberry production. Abamectin, acequinocyl, bifenazate, etoxazole, fenbutatin- oxide, fenpyroximate, hexythiazox, and spiromesifen are the most commonly used chemical miticides according to pesticide use reports of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

acequinocyl tolerances sheet

Maximum Residue Limits ( MRL) Database. More than 425 pesticide and veterinary drug residue tolerances in major export markets for hay, feed, grains,.